Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hershey park...last trip of the school year.

Last week the Chorale of Highland high had their well deserved Hershey Park trip, and I can see from the photo above that Sierra had a blast! She loves Cholcolate, and this is the perfect place to be to get it, and eat it!

Every year the chorale takes a trip to Hershey Park to show off their talent with their voices. They all have beautiful voices, and sing so well. I was so pleased with their performance when they had their spring concert last month.

I am glad that Sierra had fun with her high school buddies, and taking in every last bit of her junior year. This is one extra curricular activity where they represent their school with finesse because of their talent. There are a few seniors who are involved who will be graduating this month, and a few softies (sophomores) as well. Next year Sierra will be a senior, and hopes to continue to be part of the Chorale, and go to Hershey park once more.
Although school ends tomorrow it's so nice to have something to look forward to for the next school year. Sierra is excited, and hopes to be part of the chorale next year. They audition every year, but I know she already has her foot in the door. Just listen to her sing this song from winter concert last year.
 Ms. Kolody should be proud, and it looks like these kids had a great year!
Highland Chorale 2012

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