Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lawnmower girl

All I have been hearing as of late are lawnmowers, tillers, and the sound of birds chirping which I prefer over all that mechanical noise. The weather has been warm and the time has come to plant, and keeping up with the yard. Getting our lawn to look takes a lot of work, and boy does it need it!! Our grass grows like  weeds, and I mean that literally!

Since my better half is still healing from a fractured elbow, and as a fathers day gift to him Lexie mowed the lawn. She actually mowed it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and has developed an itch for it. She loves mowing the lawn now, and actually enjoys it!

I never did this as a little girl, and neither did my mother. I remember my grandfather would always come over to our little house on Richard St. in Kingsville, and mow our lawn. The only thing my mother would do was pull weeds, plant flowerbeds, and keep up her little garden. I also remember the time she dug in the dirt, and red ants spread like wildfire leaving huge red bumps on her poor bare hands. That scared me! Nonetheless that didn't stop my mom from keeping up her cute garden. Now if only I could succeed like she did!

I am so glad that Lexie likes mowing the lawn. Of course she saw me pin this bike mower on pinterest, and she would like for us to invest in one!
She's got the stamina, and loves the workout it gives her. When she goes to high school she would love to row crew, and/or play tennis. Who knows...that's about three years from now! For now it'll be household chores, and mowing the lawn on foot!

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