Monday, October 1, 2012

grateful for relief society.

The evening before the General Relief Society Broadcast began I was visiting a sister whom usually only comes to sacrament meeting. Every time I walk into her home I feel the love. Hers, mine, and that of our Savior.

I brought along my oldest daughter with me, and it was such a joy for her to have seen me in action & genuinely talking to this dear sister about "life". She observed my actions towards her as a friend as I was expressing my thoughts, and advice as to what I feel could help her in her current situation. She saw the exchanging of hugs, and just being "good ol' mom". I know I write this all the time, and mention it in almost every talk or in a testimony meeting, but having lived in many areas across the globe, and serving in different wards I have grown a love so strong for all of my sisters that there is no way that I can judge, or hold any way. Even the ones who have such hardness in their hearts.

We were so deep in visiting with each other that time flew, and the broadcast was about to begin. Although I had invited this sister if she wanted to attend she declined, and that was okay. We had a nice needed visit, and I am so grateful that I had Sierra come with me to get a glimpse of spiritual adult conversation between two loving sisters.

I hurried home, and came home to hungry kids. Normally this never happens, and I always go to the chapel to watch it live via satellite, but luckily we have access to watch it online.

Listening to all of these talks online always brings such a stronger love, and appreciation in my heart for the purpose of Relief Society. There have been times in my life where I have slipped. Whether it's not praying enough, not reading the scriptures enough, or serving enough. For whatever reasons that caused that slippage I strive hard every single day to pray, read, serve someone in need, and endure to the end.

There will always be times where we feel like giving up not wanting to have anything to do with the Divine, but if we are strong we won't allow the enemy to intervene. Luckily through the grace of God with prayer, good friends, and having loving sisters in the gospel they can help us "climb out of that pit." I am grateful to have all of that, and I don't ever want to take any of them for granted.

I feel so blessed to be a part of a wonderful worldwide sisterhood. I love all the sisters with all my heart, and hope that they know that I am there for them no matter what. This is what Relief Society is all about. To love unconditionally, to listen without judging, to be a friend, and to have compassion for others. I love my family so much, and pray that as long as we are striving to do our best in this life in keeping our covenants that all will be well. I hope that as sisters in the gospel we can be an example of strength & endurance to our daughters in teaching them proper principles in accomplishing these goals.

I hope...I hope.

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