Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On the streets of Philadelphia

My mom survived her first week in New Jersey, and she is doing pretty well. It was a beautiful fall day this past Saturday, and we decided to take her out to Philadelphia to see some of the sights. There is so much history to see and places to go here in Philly that we just took our time, walked around Washington Square, and spent most of our time around Independence Hall. 
We had a great time. My mom couldn't believe she was actually here. She's lived her whole life in Texas and never had the opportunity to see anything that has so much meaning such as the Declaration of Independence or the Liberty Bell. 

Before we ventured out to see the sights we had lunch at this pizza place called the O.C.P. Grill which was actually pretty good. I'd recommend it.
My mom is not used to being in pictures. It's been three years since we've seen each other, and never has been a great fan of photos. All that is about to change. When you hang out with me... be expecting to be in a picture! I was just pleased as can be that she was in a few photos of our trip from this day. 

I think I took more photos of the history sights than my mama. I always appreciate everything that took place here. I never grow weary of Philadelphia. After all...it is the birthplace of our nation. Plus we are only 15 minutes away!

I obviously love taking photos of my kiddos. As much as I wanted to have my mom in most of them she obliged to be in this one. I think she looks the most happiest in this photo. Being around these four beautiful people...who wouldn't be!

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