Wednesday, October 3, 2012

a little helper with a love for shoes.

Noah is such a joy to have in our life! Sometimes I wonder how life would be if I had more boys than girls, but I look back and I'm grateful to have had him after having three girls. His three sisters do keep him entertained and teach him a lot...especially when it comes to his wardrobe.

He's such a little helper, and has a love for shoes! His...
he loves shoes...I blame his sisters!
 and mine.
sporting my red shoes

Every time I come home from church he'll want to put them on. Sierra wore her Hunter boots the other day, and he was trying so hard to put them on by himself. I had to hold his little hand just so he can stand in them.
He's also been a good cleaner lately. Every time he sees his sister's mop, or sweep the floor he'll grab the broom and start sweeping. He's been doing that since he was about one. This past weekend he saw Lexie cleaning the toilet, and he just pitched in and started helping. He grabbed a sponge and started cleaning. He didn't even splash. There are no gloves his size so we made sure he washed his hands afterwards. He did such a good job, and was so happy to know that he helped. Just take a look at his face!
He even helped his dad mow the lawn this summer...
Moments like this makes me one happy mom! Knowing that I have taught them the meaning of the word "chores". I hope I have been a good example when it comes to cleaning because it is a priority in my life (and it's not because I'm hispanic!) One great attribute about my mother is that she taught me how to clean. Glad to see that our kids are learning that as well...especially at a very young age.

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