Sunday, October 28, 2012

enjoying the calm before the storm

Autumn this year has been especially good to me, and I am really going to miss it. I don't know why this particular autumn has been so special to me, but as you can see from my most recent posts they are all pretty focused on the joys of autumn with our kids.

On my way home from church today my friend and I were discussing the needs of what it takes to be prepared for a hurricane. We should be expecting Sandy to arrive sometime tomorrow evening, and I hope that it won't be catastrophic. They say this one is supposed to be worse than the storm we had last year. Last year we were without power for only 18 hours. It wasn't too bad compared to friends of ours in the New England area who had no power for over a week! Talking about this and knowing that we are somewhat prepared puts me at ease.

The fact that Sandy is landing close to Halloween doesn't sit well with my seven year old. She asked me today why does Sandy have to come close to Halloween, and cancel our trunk or treat? I explained to her because it's important to be prepared, and once Sandy passes we can focus on Halloween. She seemed pleased with my answer, and then mentioned how lucky we were to have gone to this trunk or treat this past week. I said to her that was a blessing in disguise, and that I, too was happy that we went.

Today we experienced another joy of autumn (without Sierra due to her being sick), and after dropping off my friend from church we took advantage and took a walk behind her quaint little apartment complex.
There was a gazebo in which the kids through leaves up in the air...again. I know this should be a day of rest, but I am taking in all this scenery, the nice cool 50 degree weather, and documenting every action of autumn I get!

The kids all love this time of the year, and I think even Noah knows that all of these beautiful colored leaves will be gone tomorrow.
We walked further into a small path which led to a garden. It was such a beautiful day, and I cannot begin to tell you how much I am really going to miss fall this year. It just seemed to fly by us too quick! Maybe the fact that Noah turns three next month doesn't help either!
Why can't time just be still for a moment the way these pictures do! 

Like all the kids growing up, I want fall to last just a little bit longer!

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