Monday, October 15, 2012

Princeton University

Princeton, 2012
This past Saturday we decided to venture out, and go to Princeton, and tour Princeton University. We fell in love with this area when we first moved to Jersey five years ago. I remember buying Princeton pennants for the girls, and how throughout the years of living on the east have collected quite a few Ivy League ones. Sierra was barely in the eighth grade when my better half took this photo, and it's funny how although she thought Princeton was "pretty"...she wasn't thinking of college at the time.

Now she is.
Princeton University, circa-2008
I do remember how she loved the style of these doors, and how she wanted to take a picture of them all. As we walked through the campus we found the doors again which actually lead to the dorms. Time sure has flown by when I compare this picture...
Jorgensen girls- Princeton, circa,  2008
 with this one.
Jorgensen girls- Princeton, 2012
Since we have since added to our family we got Noah in the picture. It'll be interesting to take another picture in a few years to see how much they've grown.
The campus is beautiful especially in the fall. While Chelsea wanted to get in every photo Sierra, and Lexie were more interested in seeing the campus grounds. 
Princeton is surely an option on her list of schools, and one thing for sure is if she gets in she will be doing a lot of bike riding. That she won't mind because she loves it!
Little did we know it was freshman/parent weekend, and we met this really nice family whose daughter named Grace was helpful to Sierra about the school. They were talking for a few minutes while the parents and I were getting acquainted. They later took our picture, and were on their way. I wish Sierra would have gotten Grace's number because she seemed like such a mature, knowledgeable, pleasant young woman. 

 Right now I'm feeling pretty good about possibly being a "tiger mom". 
We continued our day by walking the shops on Nassau street. If you ever get the chance to come to Princeton, and you love thrift shopping, and are two places I HIGHLY recommend.

Green Street Consignment shop.
It is by far one of the nicest, cleanest, clothing stores I've ever been in, and everything in it is fabulous. When I read the reviews on Yelp I was sold, and knew I needed to come in. The prices are worth it, and I would definitely drive 55 minutes just to shop here. I have a lot of experience working with consignors in the past, and I am grateful to have an eye for my kind of fashion.
This pizza in my opinion is the best in Princeton. I love places where you can look outside through the window while eating. The staff was friendly, and I loved the large menu designed on the wall. 
Oh, and if you're a reader, I recommend reading the Princetonian.
We even found this cute cut out board of Einstein in front of one of the stores where I took a picture of Chelsea.
Little Einstein
We love this quaint "college town", and all the shops that it has to offer. I am so happy to have opportunities like this to continue to be taking my family out to see that there is life outside any town that we have ever lived in...especially when it comes to colleges.

Sierra is so excited about attending a university in the fall of 2013, and I am amazed at the courage she has to explore other schools, and not just one.

One thing for sure...she'll be applying at this one.

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