Friday, October 26, 2012

A trunk or treat at Our Lady of Hope

Chelsea is sure going to have a lot of treats this year by going to numerous trunk or treats (including our own next Tuesday), and on Halloween. Those are the perks of having friends from other churches, and in my opinion...I think it's great!

After our our leaf war yesterday, we went home, had dinner, and got ready for the trunk or treat at Our Lady of Hope. Sierra, and Lexie had homework to do, and Noah crashed out soon after dinner. So Chelsea and I made this "a pre-halloween girl's night out."

And what an evening it was!
Aida and Lexie were the sweetest girls on the block. They all wore their "50's" attire, and had a lot of fun. 
I had to take a picture of Obama. This kid was hilarious!
Obama with a beard, a cigarette, and some Bling!
All the cars were elaborately decorated, and I felt like as I was back trunk or treating in Utah. Members of the church back in Utah went to the extreme in decorating their cars. Coming here has given me some ideas as to how decorate my van for future trunk or treats!

Chelsea with storm trooper Joe, and Julian the Ninja!
There were so many kids having a grand time. Too bad Sierra and Lexie couldn't come. They would have made so many friends with this crowd!
We had so much fun tonight, and everyone was extremely nice. It is so nice to be friends, and fellowship members of a different church, and in my eyes that's what makes a beautiful world. It shouldn't  matter what race or color we are, or what religious & political preference we have.
We are all equal in the eyes of God, and attending this trunk or treat with members outside of my faith was proof of that.

Hope y'all have a fun Halloween Weekend!

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