Thursday, October 4, 2012

A night at the museum.

Once upon a time there was a family of six who just loved exploring to their new surroundings every time they moved. This family consisted of four unique children, three girls and one boy. Their nomadic life has landed them on the east coast, and luckily they live close enough to places where there is a lot of art, history, and museums.

Every year their school holds an annual school trip to the Please Touch Museum, and on this night they all went. The children were all excited...particularly Noah and Chelsea. They all love this place, and try to come at least twice a year. It is a great place for the younger kids to enhance their mind.

They all met at the school where the buses were waiting. Noah decided to take a little nap on the way to the museum, and as soon as they arrived the kids quickly got off the bus, and darted into the museum...except Noah. He was barely waking up, but as soon as he stepped inside the museum his eyes opened wide with with wonder, and he began running in every direction trying to figure out where to go first.

The first thing he saw was a hot dog stand at "Rittenhouse". They all ate at the picnic table in the park, and enjoyed "the scenery" and sounds of children laughing, and running around.
Noah even found a "girl" friend at the park. 
After lunch they decided to venture out to see what other interesting things this museum had to offer. They heard about an area where you can wash small cars. 
After observing the cars being washed Chelsea led the way for Noah. They wanted to see what was on the other side of the museum. There was no bus driver at the time so they had to sit (or stand), and wait inside for the new driver to take over.
They were a little concerned as to who their driver was going to be because of the crazy traffic in Philly. Luckily the driver was their older sister, and they knew they'd be in good hands.
Noah waited with anticipation, and they finally arrived at their destination. He was so thrilled when he saw cars bigger than the ones at the "car wash". He was having so much fun that he didn't want to get out of this car. 
Afterwards, they craved water ice, and found a Rita's in "Center City".  
Public transportation is major on the east coast and because they filled their stomachs with so much water ice they decided to take the train to venture out some more. 
It was getting late, and they realized that there was not a thing to eat in the house when they got home. They all went to their local Shop Rite to buy a few groceries. 
"Who knew shopping would be this much fun!" said Chelsea. Noah had fun pushing the cart around, and both had a blast going from aisle to aisle picking out their favorite foods.
Noah's favorite part of shopping was finding the vegetables! He loves his vegetables, and he got plenty of them. 
Including one of his favorites...a pineapple. 
After the shopping was done Noah wanted to cool off by playing with the boats in the canal. There were many children who joined in on this activity, and they all had a fun time splashing the boats in the water. 
The most favorite part of their evening was riding the carousel. They all loved it!
Even Mom. 
There was so much to do in this museum, and it was fun to see everyone having such a great time...even on a school night. It was a perfect evening spent at the museum. 

The End. 

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