Friday, October 5, 2012

a general conference weekend.

Sierra (14) Lexie (8) Chelsea (3)  
This picture was taken four years ago when we first moved to New Jersey. It's hard to believe that we are already in October, and that the cute girl on the left will be graduating from high school in June of 2013! It seems as if this photo was taken yesterday. In my eyes they haven't changed too much, but when I look at them today, and reflect back on this photo...I'd have to say that they have definitely grown up!

Like seasons changing so do our children.

They have all matured on many levels, and have learned so much since we moved from Utah seven years ago. I am pleased in how they have all matured both spiritually and temporally.

There are many things we miss about living in Utah, but one of our favorites was going to temple square to listen to General Conference. That was one thing we always did as a family, and now that we are 3000 miles away from the conference center we are lucky enough to watch it via satellite this weekend.

I know that by listening carefully to spirited testimonies from the prophet, and leaders of the church gives the strength to become better disciples of Christ. Listening to conference has helped us through times of struggle, and has prepared us in many ways. Sometimes listening to the messages they give can be an answer to someones prayer. We have learned so much through our travels, and although we have had trials along the way we've allowed them to help us grow spiritually strong instead of damaging our spirit. We absolutely love living on the east coast, and being here gives us more opportunities to share our beliefs. We look forward to conference twice a year, and it is something that is so crucial in our life as a family.

One of my favorite talks from this past April was this one, and it truly helped me look at the ways we treat our brothers and sisters in the world.

I feel as if I have come a long way since my conversion, and I know that hearing the words of the leaders in the church will help us make the correct choices on how to live this life.

I invite you to watch, and hope that it'll uplift you many ways you'd never think possible.

 Have a wonderful weekend!

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