Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snail mail is my favorite.

One of my favorite things to do in this world is to write and send cards to those I love. I especially love the fact that I am in charge of sending out cards to the sisters in our church on their birthdays. Even if that wasn't my calling I'd still be sending them cards...ask anyone that knows me on my face book, (or in my congregation.)

The last three months of the year always fill my calendar with birthdays, and sending out Halloween, Thanksgiving, and last but not least...Christmas cards. I keep my journal updated with everything that has happened and what I mailed out thus far.

Of course I have cards for every occasion...even those we wish didn't exist (i.e. sympathy, get well.) It is nice to have greeting cards for those purposes, and if you find the perfect one it can truly make a difference in that person's life who has lost a loved one, or who feels deathly ill.

Sending a card can mean a world of difference, and do it's justice to that one person. I don't get a lot of mail like I used to since I got on facebook two years ago, and I miss it. I myself am a little guilty of not writing as much to my friends and family because of the blog I started a year and a half ago. After all...isn't that the purpose of a blog. I wanted to make it easier for friends & family to keep them updated on the happenings, and goings of our life. It's a pro and a con having a blog because you won't get a lot of snail mail, but I enjoy it for the mere fact that I love to write. It does feel good though when I look into my mailbox, and find me some good mail.

I recently received some good mail throughout my birthday week last month, including this really cool embossing machine that my mother-in-law sent me. I think my girls are in love with it more than me because they have already used it! It is such a nice gift, and I will put it to use from time to time. Even though I love making cards I also love venturing out to the craft stores to find beautiful card stock, and going to Hallmark stores to find that perfect card for that special someone. It's so cute it looks like a little purse!
I have to admit I've received more birthday cards in the past, and I am extremely grateful to those who sent me birthday wishes via Facebook. I'll always miss handwritten mail, but luckily I have this cool machine to make my cards look more fancy!

I am not sure how many Christmas cards we'll receive this year since many of our friends email their cards, or post them on facebook. I do send out cards to close family and friends, and I hope I'll always be financially able to do so. I know that postage increases, and so does the cost of printing pictures as well as finding that perfect photographer to take your picture. I'll tell you something though, if you have a tripod, and can take pretty good pictures you can be your own photographer, and just save up on stamps starting now. You don't have to have a decked out Christmas card with all the fancy gadgets. It is nice though to splurge at least once a year, and have fun taking a fancy picture as a family.

Overall snail mail will always be my favorite, and you never know whose heart you'll be touching when that special someone receives a beautiful colored card with a beautiful stamp on it in their mailbox instead of junk mail.

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