Monday, October 29, 2012

Hunkered down in Jersey

Lexie overlooking Blackwood Lake which will probably be overflowing after tonight.
I woke up this morning to the sound of my son's voice saying, "I want some "papa" (which is slang for "food" in Spanish), and then our seven year old keeps asking us, "When is the hurricane going to hit us?" 

Truth is that we are tracking it, and it should make landfill sometime this evening. 

So far we are having light rain and wind, and Sandy is taking her time in arriving to our little borough. While others may want her to hurry up and pass us by I personally am in no rush for Sandy to come. I am enjoying this day having electricity with my family, and I will continue to do so even after she hits.

I am thankful to have children who are calm, and cautious. They have all been a huge help in helping us prepare for Sandy.

Growing up in Texas and remembering the resilience I had when Hurricane Allen hit in 1980 taught me that at the age of 10 to never panic when a hurricane is about to hit. Telling them that story to our girls has taught them the same.

Having had the calling as Humanitarian leader back in Utah really opened my eyes on how crucial it is to have all the emergency essentials as well as a plan. I wasn't a professional then, and I am not a professional now, but I do know what basics to have in case of an emergency, and we do have a plan.

I have a feeling that this one will be bigger than when Irene hit last year, but we are preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best.

I may not have enough food to feed my neighbors, but I do have a heart full of love and compassion to let them know that if they need anything to let us know anyway.

I will continue to pray for everyone on the path of Sandy, and pray that all of your essential needs including love and support of friends will be met.

Take care, and may God watch over us all!

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