Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Homecoming 2012

Dear Sierra,
As I look at this photo I see a group of good kids with happy faces looking forward to an exciting Homecoming evening. I know that you were looking forward to this night, and I am so happy  that you were able to spend it with your fellow band mates... especially since this is your senior year. 
Noah would have been your date if he was tall enough!

Y'all look so lovely-Brianna, Sierra, & Chanelle
 I knew you would make court, and its exciting to know that someone nominated you for Homecoming queen. Friday can't come soon enough! 
This boy JC...yeah, he was a cool dude.
 You always look so beautiful, and we couldn't be more pleased in the way you present herself with maturity, and in living your standards. Yet, always having room for fun!

 For someone who is not a"native" of New Jersey you have made such wonderful friends in the past four years of living here, and your resilience in doing so is remarkable. I see how everyone loves you for who you are, and respects you in all that you do.  
You'll always be daddy's girl!
LOVE these girls!
When I attended 'back to school' night last week every one of your teachers told me how gifted & talented you are as a student, and a young woman. One particular teacher told me that you are like a rose blooming...always happy & smiling. 

Yep... that's our baby, and we love you for that!
 And even if you don't make Homecoming queen...you'll always be our Queen. 


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