Monday, October 8, 2012

quotes & thoughts on general conference.

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"Love" and "following the Savior" are two of the things that I got out of the talks that were given during General Conference this past weekend. I look forward to conference every six months, and after everything that life has thrown at us this past year I have realized how important it is to watch and to listen.

"First observe, then serve."
~Linda K. Burton

One great example of the church that I have always noticed is the service that we render to our fellowman, and we do it all in the name of love. I feel that at times when I am feeling at my lowest I want to serve others more. I have always loved doing things for other people, and I truly feel that I am pretty devoted in doing so. I do it out of my heart, and without any obligation. Christ is the perfect example of unconditional love, compassion, empathy, and service in doing good to all mankind, and knowing that gives me a huge desire to serve others until the very end.

This quote was said by Jeffrey R. Holland. His talk was among my favorites.

...We have neighbors to Bless, 
Children to protect, 
the poor to lift up, 
and the truth to defend. 
We have wrongs to make right, 
truths to share, and good to do. 
In short, we have a life of devoted 
discipleship to give in demonstrating
our love of the LORD.

Understanding the atonement is a vital part of my life. Understanding it now humbles me to a level in which I didn't comprehend. Jesus suffered and died for my sins so that I could experience all the heartaches, challenges & trials that come my way. I have experienced them throughout my life as a child, a teenager, a young adult, a newlywed, and now as a wife and mother. I am grateful for the trials that we have gone through as a family, because in the end they only make us stronger.

Having those challenges has helped me grow spiritually through understanding the atonement and in striving hard to live like our Savior. Having that spiritual maturity really grounds me as a mother in raising our children with true gospel principles without judging others. It has made me a better person and my level of joy is at an all time high. I feel that all time high when I am being kind, loving, and in serving others. I feel it most when I am sharing the gospel and/or sharing my conversion story to someone as to how I became a member of this wonderful church. I am deliriously happy knowing that I am doing all that I am supposed to do all in the name of Christ.

"Many of the deepest regrets of tomorrow
 can be resolved by following the Savior today."
~President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Without those challenges I don't think we'd grow as a family, and I certainly don't think I'd be learning anything. Sure there are times when I have felt like an "inexperienced member"of the church, but then I think again, and say to myself, "I am not an inexperienced member, I am an imperfect person who has the truthfulness of the gospel in which I am responsible in sharing, and striving my best to "be of good cheer." I am someone who hugs others because I love, serves others because I love, and forgives others because I love." 

"I am a Mormon.
I know it.
I live it.
I love it."
~Ann Dibb

**To listen and watch general conference you can go here

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