Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Litchfield, CT

One thing that I have always loved since I was a little girl was learning about history. I remember taking trips to Goliad when I was in middle school, and learning about the Goliad Massacre. I will always remember and treasure the three years we lived in San Antonio where we constantly drove downtown to see The Alamo. Sierra, and Lexie were preschool age, and we took advantage of always going to the Alamo. It was so nice to have been able to give them that experience at such a small age to show, and teach them to appreciate history.

We still do that today.

This past weekend we went to a quaint historical village in Litchfield, CT. I heard about this hidden treasure from a friend. She also has a penchant for history, and so I decided to go out and see what all the fuss was about. We absolutely loved it! Jon half jokingly told Sierra that if his job ever transferred him to the New England area she would be finishing her senior year here. Of course he was kidding, but I think deep down he would love to live in a place like Litchfield. Heck...I would love to live in a place like Litchfield.

This town is really quaint, and the people were very friendly. I walked into a couple of shops including the Fabric Studio, and I was in heaven! For all you fabric lovers this is the place to go. Just look at all these beautiful prints.

I am in love with floral bouquet fabric! 
My blue heaven! Perfect fabric for a boy's room!
I would love to upholster this print on our old rocking chair!
 Sierra has developed a love for all things vintage, and antique looking. We personally loved this shop!
After venturing out to quite a few shops we walked through the village greens where there were monuments with names written of those who fought in the Korean, Vietnam, and World Wars.
After the four hour drive, and walking through the village these kids were in need of letting out their energy...especially Chelsea and Noah.
I didn't want them to run amuck through the village greens so instead they stayed in one area where they were throwing leaves up in the air. Okay...they ran around for a little bit. Hey...Noah is a boy with a lot of energy, and Chelsea is his sidekick so I let them! They were all throwing leaves at each other, and it was so fun watching Noah. I should have recorded this moment!
I loved every minute of this day, and to tell you the truth I wish we could have stayed here for a few more days. New England in the fall is breathtaking, and I love the fact that we have friends, and family that live in the New England area. That always gives us an excuse to keep coming back!

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