Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fordham University

Ever since Sierra was 10 years old she had this dream of going to Juilliard to major in music. Back in 2004 I didn't really know how difficult it can be to get an audition in. Now I know, and I am still waiting to hear back from them.

As she has grown through the years, and now that she is a Senior in high school she has decided that BYU is not her only choice of schools.

During spring break last year we took a tour to Fordham University, and she absolutely loved it! This past Sunday was the President's open house for Fordham in New York City where we were welcomed with speeches given by both the President of Fordham, and the Dean of the school. We had a wonderful experience...again, and have been very impressed with this campus. We were greeted by the friendliest staff, got free items, and the buffet was delicious!
There were so many people for the open house, and the food went pretty quick.
Representatives from various academic departments were available to answer our questions, and Sierra was pleased with the professor who teaches music. Since her major will be music composition, she had a lot of questions regarding what this school had to offer.
We are so happy that she has an open mind, and that she is considering other schools. She also has her eye on Princeton University which we went to this past Saturday.

She also enjoyed attending the SOAR program at BYU this past summer, and will still be applying there. I am grateful that she is valiant in exploring other colleges, and to know that there are other options.

This is her choice, and as parents we trust her decision. She is very focused on her academic future, loves meeting new friends, and loves the east coast. We shall wait, and see which university she gets into, and pray that it is the best one for her.

If Julliard doesn't happen for her that's okay too. It'll be exciting as to which universities accept her, and which one she'll choose!

It was another great day in New York! 

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