Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scenes of a Baby Shower

When we had an an impromptu dinner at our house I mentioned how I would love to host more parties in my home, and I have been doing a lot of those lately. I really love having friends over. I just love the mingling that goes on in my home when sisters from my church come over. It truly feels like we are one huge family...that's because we are. I am glad that these wonderful friends can come over and feel comfortable to just laugh, talk, and be themselves when they are in my home. I love serving my friends and doing nice things for them.

And...I did just that.

I threw a baby shower for a sister in my ward who has only been in Jersey for almost a year now. She is expecting her first child and it's a boy (obviously!) We had such a great time and I could see the happiness in her face when she saw all these wonderful faces who arrived...
 Our wonderful sister missionaries from our church arrived just in time for dessert!
Eliza received a lot of cute outfits and beautiful burp cloths that were made by Jenara.
A piggy bank, a stuffed animal, and more outfits from Shanna...
An ugly doll (Icebat), and a book from moi...
Eliza is smiling ear to ear...she was a happy camper and was given a lot of cool stuff!
Annie took a picture of the cake in which Angie brought over (sorry you couldn't make it Angie, but we appreciate you dropping it're an angel!) 

Bottles, diapers and pins...this is where the fun begins!
And here is Noah devouring the cake after it was cut... when no one was looking!

The lovely shower favors everyone left with...Bath & Body lotions!

Me and the beautiful mother-to-be Eliza...
I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to do this for you Eliza. I had so much fun in preparing this, and my girls enjoyed making the pom poms and putting them up on the ceiling! I wish you all the happiness in beginning this new chapter in your life as a mother. It's going to be a fun adventure...especially since you're having a boy! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself and that you received all the things that you are in need of.

Good luck to you! 

And thanks to all of you who made this day very special for Eliza!

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