Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grateful to be your parent and teacher

I survived the first week of school alone with Noah, and I have to be was sometimes exhausting! We spent seven whole hours each day together. Last year he was a baby who hardly moved and now that he's almost two...he wants to do everything I'm doing. He is high maintenance and can be very clingy. I think it's a boy thing because my girls were more clingy with their daddy. I need to watch his every move because if there is no one under his supervision, he will find ways to get into everything that is already childproof in our house. He's a smart kid!

We spent most of our time indoors since it rained for most of the week. Overall, it was a pretty great week and all the homework that the girls brought home for the parents is completed!

As soon as all the girls leave for their FULL day of school this is what my morning schedule usually looks like:

I feed Noah breakfast.
I do a little bit of clean up in the kitchen after everyone has had their breakfast.
I only allow him to watch at least an hour of cartoons. I think they are good for his brain.
If it's a nice day we will go to the park at least twice a week.
While he's watching cartoons I TRY to read a couple of chapters in the scriptures.
I  play a little indoor soccer with Noah, and then read a story to him before he goes down for his nap.
I'll check my email, facebook and write birthday wishes on my friends walls.
Sometimes I'll blog while he naps.
He naps for a good two to three hours.
If I don't blog, I'll catch up on some laundry, reading, and journal writing.
If my better half goes to work at noon we do all of the above together... except blogging.
He wakes up just in time for Sierra's arrival home from school (unless she has tennis practice.)
Lexie, is the second one to come home.
Chelsea is the last one home.

I am loving this period of my life when I can have a one on one time spent with our son.  Setting aside a career so that I can stay home and raise my kids has been worth it, and a huge blessing. I love all the challenges that comes with being a domestic engineer in our home. I love being both a parent and a teacher to my kids. This is how I continue to grow and learn in spirit. Noah has willed me to be strong and happy in all of life's challenges, and so do my girls.
No matter how tired I become...I know that it if I strive to do my best as a parent-it will not affect my parenting in teaching my children true principles.

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