Thursday, September 15, 2011

Letting go of Summer

 I LOVE the owner of these little flip flops. Every time I open the closet in my bedroom he points up to the shoe holder and knows what he wants me to get. He says to me, "Shoos". He'll even wear them in the house wearing his white onesie (or just a diaper). He is too cute and I wish he wouldn't outgrow these ever! I know once summer is over these flip flops will no longer occupy his feet. They'll be passed over to someone else (maybe his future posterity.) It'll be nice to reflect back on this picture looking at those small piggy toes, and his little curved hand. 

Autumn is definitely peeking in with a cooler change in the weather with dry heat. I felt a few sprinkles of rain earlier. I'm also going to miss having these sheer curtains hanging up in my living room. I change them in the spring and in the fall. I'll miss the days when there's a breeze blowing through the window which allows the curtains to flow. I sometimes pretend I live near the ocean when this happens. (Don't laugh.)

I obviously haven't taken down the pom pom decorations from the baby shower. I think they add color to our living room!
This photo was taken before the pom pom decorations were up...
Although we look forward to fall there are many things I'll miss about this summer. We have enjoyed turning the A/C off and having the windows open all day and night. We sure won't miss those high electric bills! We are taking advantage of the nice, cooler weather, going to the park, and having last minute cookout's. Mother Nature changes its course four times a year and my spirit is renewed with each season. I'm grateful for those moments because with each season comes change, and I'm always ready for change!

The thing I'll miss the most out of this summer are Noah's flip flops. They are his first and only pair he had all summer. 
 I can always put the curtains back up next spring, have cookout's, go to the beach, but those flip flops will no longer fit him.
 I know he'll always enjoy standing behind the curtains as the wind blows. He does that even when it doesn't. I don't think he'll outgrow that. He'll still be a little boy next year, and that is something I have to look forward to... I'll just have to buy him new flip flops.

*What things will you miss about this summer?

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