Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Prince of messes

Having seen my mother interacting and playing with her only grandson brought me great joy while she was here. It warmed my heart, and I often wondered if she wished she did that more with me and my sister while we were toddlers. I don't remember stuff I did as a two year old, but my mom did mention that I was nothing like Noah. She calls him 'The Prince' because she saw how much his sisters, his dad, and I spoil him. He definitely is one spoiled little boy. I try not to let him get away with anything, but sometimes I can't help it. He's so cute, and when he does something naughty I can't help but to sometimes laugh. I hold it in because I don't want him to think it's too funny to the point where he'll think it's okay to do it over and over again!
My mother on the other hand didn't mind his small messes. Especially the ones he was making at the table. Still... I don't think a Prince would make a mess like this. We had stopped at Mcdonald's and I had a quarter pounder without cheese. I also took out the onions and left the box on the table. What I should have done is thrown it away in the trash as soon as I was done with it. Of course when you are distracted by doing something other than being fully attentive to your kid he's going to find an advantage and make messes like this..... 
Of course we laughed about it, and luckily my emotions as a mother have softened up a lot since Lexie was born, and I didn't give it another thought but to look at Noah and just say, "Nice mess son." I know for a fact my mother would have done differently back in the day, and I'm grateful for realizing that making messes is no big deal. It's part of a child learning and growing up. Learning what is right and wrong. Sometimes you'll be tested to see what your reaction will be. In my case it was a calm one. Noah sure does know how to make a mess. Good ones too!
He'll probably be my only prince to make good messes...and that's okay.

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