Monday, November 21, 2011

Behold your mother

I feel so blessed to have had my mother here even if it was just for a short while. While she isn't a member of the church, she respects my beliefs and we never got out of our routine as a family. We continued to have our family prayer, scripture study, and a couple of Family Home Evenings. I really thought she would participate in some of our activities, but she didn't. We tried to convince her to stay, but after figuring out her budget living in New Jersey, she felt that she wouldn't be able to make it on her own. She decided to move back to Texas where the cost of living is affordable, where there is summer all year round, and to be back in her comfort zone. Sometimes it's hard to accept change when you are set in your ways, and that is my mother. She is totally willing to do it on her own, and I know she can.

She saw the imperfectness in our family, and also saw the hard work, and effort we put to have love, and happiness in the home. That strength, and love comes from constantly reading this book, and also by living it! I think that overwhelmed her at times because her upbringing was completely different (so was mine.) I changed all of that when I became married, and vowed to continue to work on that happiness in my home no matter how challenging times get.

I am grateful for her in the way that she raised me. There is no perfect way in parenting your children. You have to let them make their choice, and just pray they're are the right ones. She knows of all the stress I caused her while growing up, and through all that grief I put her through she still loved me. There are reasons behind the choices I made as a young teen, but this week is a week of gratitude so I won't ruin it by writing a 'sob' story.
I am extremely grateful in the way she treated the kiddos. While my mom stayed in the room upstairs she had Chelsea have sleepovers for the four days she didn't have school. Chelsea was attached to her and would not leave her sight! After a while, my mom mentioned that she loves Chelsea spending time with her, but that she needs her space too. Especially while she is dressing! My mother was a good sport, and to be honest...I wish she treated me and my sister the way she treated her grand kids. sob story! I love my mother, and even though she was here for a short while, and left before Thanksgiving we love her unconditionally, and totally understand as to why she had to return so quickly.

I am grateful for the times she cooked for us, and spending time with the kiddos. She watched "Twilight" for the first time, and actually liked it. The girls have corrupted her, and she is now officially a Twilight fan! She also told the girls to pick their favorite 'New York' movie to watch, and they chose "Serendipity". Good choice.

They all had a nice time, and we look forward for her to visit us again. We will miss her, but know that things happen for a reason, and that it wasn't my time to take her in. She is 68, healthy and fit, and feels capable to be on her own. I commend her for that, and know that once she is totally incapable of taking care of herself...she knows that my door is always open for her.

WE LOVE YOU MOM...You are always going to be missed. The handwritten letters with the girls will continue!

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