Friday, November 11, 2011

Crunching leaves down the bike trail

We took advantage of the weather the other day, and went for a walk down the bike trail near our house. I am so glad we did this because we woke up to 45 degree weather today!'s pretty chilly today!

We have been entertaining our birthday boy all week. Noah is just as spoiled as can be. He has all of his sisters wrapped around his little finger! It seems like each day this week has been a celebration for him. It's been an extra treat for him since his two youngest sisters didn't have school since Tuesday. He has had a lot of time for them to take him to the park so he can run, and play in the leaves.
I love the bright yellow leaves on this tree. It is right next to our house, and it is so beautiful. I just love walking down our neighborhood to see all the different colored trees. 
 Some of the trees are looking a little bare. That is a sign that tells me that winter is just around the corner. Noah just loves the sound of the crunching leaves. He kept running back and forth, up and down the bike trail just crunching and stomping on those leaves.
Yeah...I think he'll definitely carry on the autumn tradition of all those things I posted on his birthday.

Stomping and running so hard that he grew weary. He began to rub his eyes, and that is when I knew it  was time to go home, make dinner, and pick up dad.
We managed to have some fun exploring the outdoors, and seeing all that mother nature has to offer. We still have the whole weekend to continue to make Noah's birthday week special.

Just a note to all the veteran's out there:

Thank you for having served our country in the past, and for all that you went through while fighting. We will always remember you. Another thank you goes to those who continue to fight for our country today...our prayers run deep for you, and your families. You are never taken for granted!

Happy Veteran's Day.

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