Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Big Apple

For those of you who have been to Times Square in New York City you know it's impossible to get a decent photo with the ones you love. Impossible because there are thousands of people surrounding you (note the lady on the right side of me.) That's okay. After all... it is the theater district!

This past Tuesday my mother wanted to venture out to the Big Apple and try to pack in seeing as many sights as she can. We pulled Chelsea out of school early while Sierra, and Lexie stayed behind. This was the first time we've gone to New York without them. This was a spontaneous trip so when you do things at the spur of the moment sometimes things don't go quite as planned. It didn't help when my two year old was crying nonstop due to his molars coming in, and also being cooped up in a carseat all morning (because I was running errands), and the hour and a half drive to the city. It also didn't help when my youngest daughter didn't pee all the way (we stopped at a Rite Aid ten minutes before we got into the city), and needed to go again while driving in NYC traffic! Luckily with a driver like my husband, we found an On the Run gas station just in time before she literally went in her pants! After that things became calm, and we enjoyed seeing some of the sights.
Of course you can't see New York in eight hours! There wasn't much time to see everything which gives us more reasons to come back! My mom absolutely enjoyed New York, but emphatically said she would NEVER live there. It was a sporadic, well spent evening in the city of lights. 
People say, you either love New York or hate it. In my mother's case...the New York city lights definitely inspired her, and she LOVED the Big Apple.  

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